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What Is Color Match And Why Is It Important?

Color Match refers to an extra piece of solid surface material, leftover from the original installation, which can be used to patch a crack in a countertop. This is often a cutting board, or sometimes it is scrap material left in the garage, or in a sink cabinet. It is important because there can be slight color variations from batch to batch when solid surface materials are manufactured.  

If you don’t have a cutting board or any scrap, sometimes we can remove and replace a side splash to obtain color match to repair a countertop, since a slight color variation will be much less visible in this case. If we must do a repair using material from another production batch, there is an increased possibility that the repair will be slightly visible.

 Worktop repairs undertaken by engineers, trained intensively over many years to deal with any form of kitchen surface repair. All members of the team pride themselves on our unmatched professional home service and are well-respected in our industry for our cleanliness and professional attention to the quality of detailing that remains throughout all of our projects from start to finish.

 Kitchen surfaces are the largest and possibly most important pieces of any kitchen; it is suitable in appearance and functionality. Kitchen counter-tops are a major part of the kitchen is the designing to make sure it is aesthetically pleasing and meets all aspects of designer’s dreams.

Corian Repair Services

 A counter top has a secondary part to play in the kitchen; it is functional, serves almost as a practical tool when food is prepared ready for you or your family to enjoy during meal times. The worktop is likely the most used part of a kitchen about how much surface traffic it receives every day and becomes worn and damage over a short period.

Kitchen Worktop Repair

  • Burnt laminate 
  • Burnt
  • Scratched
  • Holes
  • laminating 
  • veneering
  • Cracks
  • Joint filling
  • Sun bleaching
  • Stains and discoloring
  • Chips and Dings
  • Water damage
  • Heat damage
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