Corian Worktop Repair Specialists Renew and Restore Damaged Surfaces Area

We offer best service Corian Worktop Repair polishing scratch cracks damaged
and any kind of Solid surface LG Hi Macs Krion Marble Granite Stone .
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What Is “Color Match” And Why Is It Important. Color Match refers to an extra piece of solid surface material, left over from the original installation,which can be used to patch a crack in a worktop. This is often a cutting board, or sometimes it is scrap material left in the garage, or in a sink cabinet.

It is important because there can be slight color variations from batch to batch when solid surface materials are manufactured. If you don’t have a cutting board or any scrap, sometimes we can remove and replace a side splash to obtain color match to repair a worktop, since a slight color variation will be much less visible in this case. If we must do a repair using material from another production batch, there is an increased possibility that the repair will be slightly visible.

Correct way to Polishing  Finish  Corian Worktop :
Deep cuts or scratches can be removed using 120-grit, followed by 180-grit go over the entirety of the top pretty well. Move up to finer and finer, 220, 320 grit. Then use a buffing pad to polish it up and make it shine.

Sanding Polishing Price